Twin Flame

A story of hope, faith, and eternal love

William R. Forstchen

William R. Forstchen has a Ph.D. from Purdue University with specializations in military history and the history of technology. He is a Faculty Fellow and Professor of History at Montreat College. Bill is the author of nearly fifty books, including the New York Times bestselling series Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor (coauthored with Newt Gingrich), as well as the award-winning young adult novel, We Look Like Men of War. He has also authored numerous short stories and articles about military history and military technology. His interests include the Civil War, archaeological research on sites in Mongolia, and the potential of space exploration. As a pilot he owns and flies an original World War II "recon bird." Dr. Forstchen resides near Asheville, North Carolina with his dog Maggie.

Twin Flame is most definitely a departure from my usual work.  I entered the realm of writing in the late 1970s, starting out with a science fiction short story for Boys' Life magazine.  From there I leapt into the realm of science fiction and for many years lived the life of a "paperback writer."  In 1989 it was on to graduate school at Purdue for a Ph.D. in history, then meeting Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, which led to nine historical novels. 

While working with Newt, I was introduced to the issue of the military threat to America from an attack by electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which led to my best-selling series launched with One Second After, published in 2009.  Other books have followed including a wonderful cooperative experience with NASA that resulted in Pillar to the Sky and a self-published venture into the dark realm of the threat posed by the terrorist organization ISIS with Day of Wrath.

Throughout all of that I, of course, had a personal life, starting out as a high school teacher, then as a graduate student, and for nearly a quarter of a century as a history professor at Montreat College near Asheville NC.  I was married as well, which resulted in my wonderful daughter Meghan. But then the tragedy happened that is all so common in our society today: divorce.  Thrown back into the dating scene in my mid 50s, I wandered off and on through the surreal Internet match-making world.  At first hailed as the way that Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers could find true happiness, it did at times become a quest across a vast desert of loneliness.

I often lamented that God should have figured out a better plan for meeting that special someone.  Perhaps, sci-fi like, a diamond embedded in our forehead could begin to blink and glow, the closer we got to that one person in our life for whom we have been on a quest.  When finally within hailing distance after wandering the globe for years, the diamond could shine forth like a lighthouse beacon. We see the beacon shining on the other's forehead, then run straight into each others' embrace (slow motion, soft focus, music swelling) and live happily ever after.  (I think that is a good idea, God, maybe in future models you can arrange it thus!)

So sadly, life is not like a sci-fi romance nor does it appear to run like a soft-focus David Lean movie. Dating via the Internet, especially after the sadness of a marriage breakup, can be depressing whether you are a twenty-something or a Baby-Boomer in denial about your gray hair and those few extra pounds which many conceal with photos from the 1990s. (Just remember when posting such photos on your page that big hair and wide lapels went out twenty-five years ago!) 

Increasingly I found myself wondering if it was all a myth, if there was no such thing as the true soul mate (I had not yet heard the term twin flame). 

And then it happened. . .and therefore this book.

Is it real? Is there truly that one special person beyond all the billions wandering this little blue marble, floating in the eternity of space? I have to leave that to you, the reader, to decide for yourself.  As for me, ever since a special day-of-days in November 2013, I know it to be true.  Maybe I was overly influenced by a favorite fantasy movie from the 1940s titled Portrait of Jennie, about a ghost who transcends time to unite with her one true love of all eternity.

If you believe in reincarnation, as Mr. Spock (not the doctor, I mean the one with the pointy ears) would say with one eyebrow raised, "It is logical."  If you do not subscribe to that belief, then there is the fact that in the Bible, God states that He knew us before we were first formed in the womb. If so, then might we not already know that one special person whom we should be destined to meet in this particular time and place?

This novella I defined as a work of fiction for a variety of reasons.  The usual names and places have been changed to, as they say, "protect the innocent" (and a few semi-guilty ones as well)!  And yet it is obviously drawn from very real life, including my belief in guardian angels and how I picture them.

As to the actual inspiration to write this book I credit my childhood buddy, co-author, and sister in all but blood, Nora D'Ecclesis. Since earliest childhood as backyard neighbors, we have witnessed each others' journeys and the ups and downs of our lives. We have shared our deepest secrets, hopes, and tragedies. Shortly after a special November day, it was Nora, a successful author in her own right, who began to prod me along to write this story.

We hope that beyond being a story about finding a twin flame, it provides hope and inspiration.  If you are already blessed with a twin flame in your life the story will resonate and make you nod, smile, and hand the book off to your partner.  If now separated from that flame, may it bring solace. If still questing, we hope that it gives a boost, a belief that your guardian angels are hard at work.  Whether they are grubby cigar chewers like mine, or angelic with silvered wings, perhaps as you read this, they are diligent and the goal of your quest just might come today or tomorrow.

There are some things that are eternal....

William R. Forstchen
May 5, 2017