Twin Flame

A story of hope, faith, and eternal love

Nora D'Ecclesis

Nora D’Ecclesis is an American bestselling non-fiction author, best known for her international #1 bestseller, The Retro Budget Prescription. Nora holds post-graduate degrees in administration and education from Kean University. Her books focus on stress reduction and cover topics ranging from Haiku poetry and Zen meditation to time management, gratitude and equanimity. She enjoys kayaking, hiking and skiing. Nora lives with her family and dogs in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nora's published non-fiction books include Amazon #1 bestseller Haiku Natures Meditation, which received the 2017 International Book Award as a finalist in Eastern religions. Her international #1 bestseller, The Retro Budget Prescription, held the top position of Kindle downloads in business/self-help for over a year. It focuses on the importance of tithing to a church or charity and describes in systematic detail how to write a personal budget. 

Nora's career has taken her into a more holistic approach including presenting events and seminars in the United States and Canada. She conducts spiritual retreats based on the her system of health and spiritual awareness. Her books, and seminars focus on wellness and stress reduction techniques. She speaks and listens from the heart chakra in order to enhance communication skills and always includes teaching the techniques of the Native American Calling the Circle using a talking stick.

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My dear friend Bill Forstchen has been a huge part of my life since we were toddlers. I am in awe of his accomplishments as a novelist and incredibly proud of all aspects of the work he does, including those late night radio interviews! Billy is the friend who walked me to school when we were four and took my hand when I started to cry leaving home. (Actually he was four and I was tad older!) We were neighbors and our parents were close friends. As kids, Billy explained the Cuban missile crisis to me as we played badminton in my yard and later that evening his dad helped us produce a Civil War reenactment with action figures in his home to distract us from the danger. Billy and I hugged and prayed when he lost his granddad and later on, then my dad. We pledged our friendship and loyalty to each other with a ceremonial mingling of blood drops on our fingers. 

As a former educator and member of a board of education it has always been my hope that the informational nature of my work benefits more people than could be reached with seminars and retreats. For that, I thank Bill for suggesting years ago that I publish. Billy is my brother. Over the years we have kept in touch with family vacations, Skype and lots of phone calls. Bill stood at my marriage after vetting my husband and, five decades later, he and my husband are still great friends. I supported Bill through the tribulations of his own twin flame process. Billy and I are backyard siblings!

Bill and I have co-authored this novel with great joy, drawing on our own areas of expertise. It is an honor to write with Bill, who is one of the greatest novelists I have ever read. Bill and I spent many hours discussing Samuel Taylor Coleridge's meaning of a soul mate and decided to kick it up a notch to a definitive look at the newer holistic concept of twin flame.Twin Flame is a book about the loving relationship between a husband and wife. The end result is a work interwoven with expert novelization and the holistic concept of the twin flame process

.“To be happy in married life . . . you must have a soul mate.”
Samuel Taylor Coleridge, A Letter to a Young Lady (1822)

Nora D'Eccelsis
May 5, 2017