Twin Flame

A story of hope, faith, and eternal love

What is a twin flame?

We prepare for love with open hearts, great expectations and the naiveté of young teens. However, virtually all soul mates have experienced a point in the vagaries of the relationship where some disagreement or disappointment results in one of the partners threatening or abandoning the other partner. Disagreements escalate to fighting and feelings of despair creep in so that the partner will not listen to requests for compromise.

Twin flame soul-mates are whole souls long before blending with a partner — they do not become whole as a result of joining together. The flames parallel each other in love, support, trust and sharing their lives in equanimity. They accept the individuality of the partner and provide a loving environment in which to carry on the joy of living together.

Love, as it was meant to be, is first learned in the early years from the family. All of the good, bad and sometimes unpleasant root chakra issues emerge. Our early years set the tone for what we hunt for all our lives. The root chakra is known for basic instincts and survival needs such as food and shelter. The early family years can create open root chakras, allowing a healthy twin flame partnership, or an imbalance resulting in negativity and insecurity, which keeps the adult functioning in survival mode around the clock rather than a trusting person needed to enter any relationship. 

In ancient times when historical Buddha walked the earth, the culture had this first meeting down to a science.They checked out the potential mate with a mental list of thirty-two attributes. In one quick look the potential partner entering the room was rated on everything from intellect to appearance. If the charge attraction was there, they had more information about potential compatibility!

There are times when both partners come to the same insight on the same day, because as we know, twin flames are in sync and their vibrations are felt by the other. Many energy workers feel the cords that connect the partners and the spinning of the chakras when love is the dominant force. Both partners at this point pray for God's Will that they can find their way back to each other. The motivation of true love is such a powerful force that nothing at this point will alter the course of a twin flame union.

There were many paths toward or against this twin flame relationship — would it burn out or perhaps be the start of a lifetime of love? The paths might take them to ecstatic joy or horrific sorrow, or both, during their karmic phase. All the other relationships they had ever experienced would play a key role in the outcome. Karma is a word that is frequently misconstrued — if it is solely defined as the sum of a person’s actions from the past it is missing a few major points. Karma is a more complex concept. The seeds are planted by our bad and good actions as we think, speak and actively commit deeds of compassion, love or rage and anger. The concept of Karma acts as an intellectual catalyst to grow and become kinder and more tolerant in each subsequent relationship.

Reconciliation is establishing a mutual respect between the angry and disagreeable partners, which comes from within the person's core. It is heart-centered and emerges when the separated soul-mates cease thinking that the relationship is hopeless, and start praying for and meditating on the idea of how to reconcile. This conflict resolution is best described by the Greek word katallasso, and found in the Bible, meaning to be reconciled to one. On the day the lighting bolt strikes with this insight it catapults the partners to proactively pursue the process. A calming demeanor emerges and they feel at peace with the decision and commitment to reconcile and again become one.